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Ingredients Do Make a Difference

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Ingredients Do Make a Difference

Ingredient Spotlight: APPLE STEM CELLS

Apple stem cells have revolutionized skincare. They protect the skin from chronological aging. At Dallas Collection Skincare, we’ve combine Apple Stem Cells with Aloe Vera for a REAL breakthrough in hydration and Skin rejuvenation.

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Just one of our many Hydriance Natuarl Lift Sets

Pick the Hydriance Ageless Face Lift Kit that best suits you!

Now you can customize your Lift with one of our Hydriance Ageless Face Lift Sets.  I created 11 sets to make it easier for you to find the right combination of products for what you need and to give you some savings. It’s also easier for us to ship, so we can pass those savings on to you!  Of course, you can always buy the products individually, if you know what you like or need to replenish. Simple and quick, these Lift Kits make it easy for you to have healthy glowing skin.  Happy Lifting!

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There are literally millions of beauty products on the market but very few that back up their results with real and active ingredients!

I decided it was time to break the rules that most other skincare companies follow! I started my own skincare company, DiDe Health & Beauty Direct Inc dba Dallas Collection Skincare and began my search for skincare ingredients that offer real results and formulation to solve my friends and families’ skincare needs. I believe you will see and feel that we have created a remarkable line of skincare.

My passion is to empower women and men to feel and look confident, relevant and vibrant at any stage of life with Hydriance.

Dr Dee Telting, Founder & CEO of Dallas Collection Skincare

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Ingredients Spotlight

Dr Dee

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Dermal Lift

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Start Seeing Real Results After One Application!

Hydriance Dermal Lift Before and After

Click on the picture for a closer look and judge for yourself. Notice the improvement in skin texture, the cheek area and the lifting around her eyes. For Continued Results, it only takes 2 times a week for 20 minutes.

When tried the Isometric Masque on one side of my face I could not believe the difference after using it the first time! It was amazing! It really does work!

I am an active, healthy and busy Wife, Mom, and business owner in my mid forties, I sought out Hydiance because I was looking for a product with high quality ingredients. I was blown away by the results. The daily products have improved the texture of my skin and cut down on breakouts. I have even had complements on my skin. I had never had that happen before.

More Hydriance Isometric Masque FIRST TIME USE Before and Afters

Click on the picture for a closer look!

Hydriance Isometric Masque Before and After


Hydriance Isometric Masque Before and After