Daily Quad 1 Kit (Combination to Oily Skin) 2017-09-08T20:23:28+00:00
The Daily Quad 1 Set (Combination to Oily Skin)

The Daily Quad 1 Kit
(Combination to Oily Skin)

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Everything you need to help keep your skin clean, fresh and healthy on a daily basis.

 The Daily Quad 1 Kit Includes

Daily Deep Cleanse:

Dallas Collection Foaming Cleaner

Hydriance Foaming Cleanser™ 4oz

A soap-free, foaming gel cleanser that thoroughly eliminates impurities and pore clogging oil while balancing Normal to Oily skin conditions. Leaves skin refreshingly clean without over-drying. Is an excellent shaving cream for men and women!


Apply to moistened skin in circular motion. Remove with warm water or a wet warm cloth.

When to Use:

Use morning and night to cleanse the skin. May also be used as a second cleanser, immediately following use of the Transition Cleanser to remove excess oil, makeup or dirt.

Key Ingredients:Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Arnica Montana Flower Extract, Lappa Root Extract, Chamomile Extract, Cucumber Fruit Extract, Panax Ginseng Root Extract and Nettle Extract

Daily Hydrate & Rebalance:

Hydriance Mist Toner

Hydriance Mist Toner™ 4 oz

An amazingly refreshing and energizing toner that restores the skin’s balance after cleansing. The high amount of Organic Aloe Vera acts as a shield of moisture, drawing hydration into the skin and as a natural delivery system for the product’s nutrients.Application:Lightly mist over face and neck or saturate a cotton puff and gently smooth over skin. Can also place saturated cotton puff/pad on eyelids to reduce puffiness.When to Use:Morning and evening immediately after using the Transition Cleanser or anytime to freshen skin. Avoid misting directly into the eyes.

Key Ingredients:Organic Aloe Vera, Witch Hazel, Acai Extract, Grape Extract, Goji Berry, Amla Extract, Green Tea, Willow Bark, Vitamins A, C and E

Daily Replenish:

Hydriance Infuse Serum

Hydriance Infuse Serum™ 1 oz

A powerful serum infusing your skin with aloe vera, apple stem cells, nutrients and plant extracts. Infuse Serum helps diminish fine lines, wrinkles and dark circles under the eyes, support even skin tone, brighten, clarify, and hydrate the skin.


Apply to face and neck area (in upward and outward strokes) after Transition Cleanser and Mist Toner. Gently pat around eye area.

When to Use:

Morning and Evening after using the Transition Cleanser and Mist Toner.

Key Ingredients:Organic Aloe Vera, Apple Stem Cells, Green Tea Leaf Extract, Rose Bay Flower Extract, Cucumber Extract, Vitamins A, C, E

Daily Rejuvenate & Protect:

Dallas Collection Moisture Whip

Hydriance Moisture Whip™ 2.5 oz

A luxurious whipped light weight moisturizer that delivers superior hydration to keep your skin glowing throughout the day. Moisture Whip also helps protect the skin from harmful daily environmental exposure that can prematurely age the skin.


Apply to face and neck area (in upward and outward strokes) after using Transition Cleanser, Mist Toner, and Infuse Serum.

When to Use:

Recommended as a day time moisturizer but may also be used at night.

Key Ingredients:Hyaluronic Acid, Tripeptide-38, Collagen, Apple Stem Cells, Fruit Extracts, Green Tea, Shea Butter, Vitamins A, C, E