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Welcome to The Ageless Diva!

Welcome to my first blog about being an Ageless Diva (A+Diva). Why blog about being ageless? Well for one thing I like to talk (I’m a Speech Pathologist by trade) and for another thing, I have a lot to say about being a mature adult and being underestimated because of my age. That’s right, I fully admit that I’m no “spring chicken” and I didn’t just “fall off the turnip truck”. I’m a seasoned veteran of life and I’m happy about that! But let’s get one thing straight…..I’m not old…let me repeat…I’m not old…I’m AGELESS! I don’t even think about being old! That’s why I call myself and most of my friends Ageless Divas. So, don’t count us out yet, just because of our age. Canoeing in Canada on Malign Lake – Birthday trip with my Ageless Diva Posse! What’s an Ageless Diva, you say? It’s not a gender or an age, it’s an attitude and a lifestyle! Yes, anyone can be Ageless Diva but you gotta have the right attitude! It’s someone who doesn’t define themselves by their age. For example, my mother was an Ageless Diva. I didn’t get married for the first time until I was 42. My mom at 79 was the perfect “mother of the bride” including dancing until 1:00 in the morning with all of us. Now that’s an Ageless Diva! Ageless Divas like to have fun, are active and engaged in life, stay open to change and want to experience life. Oh and we A+Divas aren’t ready to let ourselves go. We want to look our best and feel our best. Beauty, Fashion, Health and fitness are important to us (but [...]

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